2015 Chevrolet Tahoe Intelligent Command Demonstrator Vehicle

THIS UNIT HAS BEEN SOLD!!  Call (877) 327-8526 for additional demo vehicle options.

This demonstrator was built in 2015 and is ready for show and or immediate sale. Demonstrator vehicles are built to showcase our talent, capabilities, and why we stand out among the rest! All of the vehicle features and specifications are listed below.

FastLane 18 demonstrator includes:

  • -Full LED Lighting Package by Whelen Engineering
  • -Front customer Contoured Floor Console w/ powder coated aluminum face plates
  • -FastLane's exclusive Overhead Control Console w/ 3-radio speakers
  • -Custom Rear Command Cabinet w/ 60% driver side gear storage mid-row extension
  • -32" LCD touch screen computer w/ Rhodium Incident Management Software Suite
  • -4G broadband WiFi hotspot w/ external 3dB antenna for complete fire ground coverage
  • -FastPLEX touch screen control multiplexed electrical system w/ integrated fire ground timer system
  • -Ignition override system (allows for key to be removed securely with ignition still running)
  • -1800W Inverter w/ built-in transfer switch
  • -Dual front and rear USB power ports

In addition, FastLane will re-stripe and re-letter the unit upon delivery to your department (included in price is package of similar or lesser value, additional charges may apply depending on design)

Below is some downloadable information about our Demo Vehicle.  Should you have any questions about this vehicle please feel free to contact Sales.

 Demo 18 Full Specs     
 Demo 18 Console Drawing  
 Demo 18 OHC Drawing  
 Demo 18 Rear Cabinet  Drawing  
 Demo 18 Flyer