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Evolved from FastLane’s 15+ year CommmandNET™ system, FastPLEX™ is a fully programmable, multiplexed, controller area network (CAN) based electrical control and distribution system.  Giving you the same feature, capabilities and control as you enjoy in your ambulance or fire truck; FastPLEX™ provides seamless integration to the vehicle’s own network allowing for a cleaner installation and longer life. FastPlex Display
FastPlex Vehicle
FastPLEX™ is standard on every new FastLane.  FastPLEX™ system comes with a front 4.3” TFT touchscreen panel that acts as both the message display and switch panel for a clean, compact design.  Fully IP67 compliant, this panel can be mounted virtually anywhere on the vehicle (inside and out).  In addition the FastPLEX™ system includes CAN bus communication with vehicle and modules, 16 integrated inputs and 32 low and high current outputs for powerful control of all added equipment.
Multiplex Controls (CAN, CANOpen, J1939 Protocols)
  • Short Circuit & Open Circuit Protection/Detection
  • Touchscreen Control Standard (optional traditional style switch panels)
  • IP67 Weatherproof Design
  • Fully Field Programmable
  • Downloadable Updates
  • Soft Start & Dimmable Outputs (PWM)
  • Reverse Polarity & Load Dump Protected
  • Continuous System Diagnostics & Feedback
  • Battery Drain Protection & Low Power Sleep State
  • Integrated Hour Meter, Volt Meter & Event Timers
  • Unlimited Add-On Modules (switches, outputs, etc.)
  • 6-Year/72,000 Mile Unlimited Warranty
FastPlex System

Below is some downloadable information about our FastPLEX System.  Should you have any questions about this vehicle please feel free to contact Sales.


  FastPLEX 2306

  FastPLEX 3820

  FPK 2600 Switch Panel