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Vehicles that are
built to last,
not just to pass.

We are —First Class



It's simple, FastLane is NOT just an
install shop. We're a true manufacturer and fabricator of professional emergency vehicles. You don't pick your FastLane from a catalog, like some shops would.

Instead, a FastLane representative works with you to truly understand your department's needs and designs to produce a vehicle and layout that will provide years of reliable and effective service. A vehicle should last, it should perform and help you do your job efficiently. A FastLane will do that.

We are —Vehicles
Incident Command, EMS Response, Special Ops, Wildland Fire.

Every FastLane has a 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty in addition to a 6 year/72,000 mile electrical warranty. We've proven a 99% uptime, an average lifespan of 200,000+ miles, and a warranty callback rate of less than 2%, unrivaled in the industry.

Recently Delivered

Vehicles for
First Responders
made by
First Responders

We are —FastLane

We Achieve Results by working with YOU,
to understand your department's needs.

FastLane Emergency Vehicles is a wholly owned subsidiary of Autolycus Industries Inc., a VA corporation. In operation since 1995 and fully incorporated in 1997, FastLane was founded by corporate president, Robert W. Ritchie for the sole purpose of manufacturing custom, specialty response and command vehicles for the public safety markets.

A practicing firefighter and paramedic in the state of VA since 1991, Robert W. Ritchie volunteers with his local rescue squad and has held many positions handling vehicle purchasing and maintenance. Robert knows what it is like to use a well-built emergency vehicle. This "real-world" experience is what gives him the ability to understand and create sensible and well-built vehicles.

Bring Your Project To The FastLane.

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