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FastLane Demo 2019

FastLane Demo 2019

FastLane Demo 2019

Why do First Responders choose A FastLane?


Our Guarantee

We provide a 36 Month/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty, along with a 72 Month/72,000 mile warranty on our electrical system. We design each vehicle from conception to construction while following all manufacturer procedures. You can rest easy knowing that your FastLane is going to provide a secure working experience and professional relationship.


Your Customization

We cover every Major component of your vehicle with you through our design and development process. Ensuring that your center console, overhead console, lighting, sirens, electrical, cabinetry, and controls meet your expectations.


Lets Talk Components:

We're Defining The Industry

• CAN Based System tied directly into the chassis OBD II port. This reads 20 signals directly from the chassis without cutting into wires.

• This also means confusion with the electrical system will be eliminated, as the vehicle will appear as it came off of the assembly line from the manufacturer.

• Our vehicles come standard with a low voltage disconnect for any additional items, as well as an external fuse block located on the side of the front center console for ease of access.


Programmable Functions

• Large Standard 7" screen with a neutral background so you aren't straining your eyes regardless of your current lighting environment.

• Full switch control over lighting and equipment.

• System status, shoreline connection, voltage and fault error reporting.

• Built-in Fire Command and EMS timer function (no need for separate time manager clock).

• Integrated siren controls.


A Lot to Gain with Nothing to Lose

• Designed and Developed by our in-house Engineer and CNC Router, our cabinetry exhibits smooth rounded edges and our polybuild coating with your choice of Pro-Grade Plywood or 1/8" Aluminum.

• Sleek, durable, and element resistant due to their signature Polybuild coating, you'll worry less about STD carpet pathogens and Moisture, and more about duty.


What's on the Horizon?

• We are developing a wireless upgrade which will allow you to monitor your vehicle status and health as well as change your flash patterns from remote devices. Providing fleet control and transparency, while eliminating unwanted surprises and down time.

• We will also be able to provide remote assistance with your FastPLEX programming. So if there is something you're looking to do with your vehicle, but can't quite figure it out, we'll be there to help.

Vehicle Type:



CODE 3 Lighting Package, 53" Pursuit Lightbar, LED Hide-A-Blast, CODE 3 Siren Package, C3100 Siren Speaker, FastPLEX Technology for Lighting and Siren Control, Custom Overhead Console, Map Slot, Custom Center Console, Marine Cup Holders, Custom Rear Cabinetry, Command Drawer, 110v GFI, Custom Vinyl Package, Westin Push Bumper Elite XD.







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You Decide.


Purcellville, VA


FastLane Emergeny Vehicles

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