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What is the InterMax(flex)?



Built on the Ford Interceptor Utility, the InterMax(flex) is a new, innovative design that allows for maximum space utilization, flexible design changes and 30% less weight than the typical competitor's conversion. 


The rear base platform, removes the 2nd row seating and maximizes the usable space in the rear of the Interceptor Utility.  This allows for a fully back boarded patient to fit behind the front row seating and still able to carry equipment, an attendant in the jump seat, etc.  While an EMS Evac design is what was chosen to demonstrate the space available, the mounting system allows for quick change out of the entire rear module to ready the vehicle for Fire Command, Surveillance or whatever your department requires.


The rear system can be easily changed out to whatever suits your department's needs.  These include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire Command
  • EMS Response
  • Police Surveillance
  • Security
  • Patient Evac
  • Drone Support Vehicle
  • and More . . .

Lets Talk Components:

We're Defining The Industry

• CAN Based System tied directly into the chassis OBD II port. This reads 20 signals directly from the chassis without cutting into wires.

• Many competitive upfitters choose not to interface with the vehicle's OEM signals opting to, instead, install magnetic or pin switches for things like door signals.  FastLane is a certified, warranty and PDI center for Ford, GM & Dodge and our interface is non-invasive, no-cut plug-n-play with the vehicle's CAN port allowing this deep interface without the unnecessary addition of clunky pin switches or other fail points.

• Our vehicles come standard with a low voltage disconnect for any additional items, as well as an external fuse block located on the side of the front center console for ease of access.


Programmable Functions

•Standard on all FastLane vehicles you get a 4.3" touch-screen with a day/night friendly background so you aren't straining your eyes regardless of your current lighting environment.

• Full switch control over lighting and equipment.

• System status, shoreline connection, voltage and fault error reporting.

• Built-in Fire Command and EMS timer function (no need for separate time manager clock).

• Integrated siren controls.

30% Less Weight than Others!

• Front Floor and Overhead consoles constructed from welded aluminum with powder coated finish.

• Rear cabinetry mounting system constructed from welded aluminum extrusion allowing for great flexibility and a lighter weight cabinet to be installed atop the floor system. 

• Lighter weight rear cabinet design and construction allows for the removal of unnecessary bulk without compromising on strength and durability. 

Vehicle Type:

Ford Interceptor Utility (Demo 22)


SoundOff Lighting and Siren Package, including:
  • 48" Fully Loaded mPower Lightbar (Red & White or Blue)
  • 12 mPower 4-Inch perimeter LEDs (front grille, headlamps, corners, rear side glass)
  • (8) mPower LED Spoiler Light Kit
  • Front Side Mirror Beam Intersector LEDs
  • Headlamp Flashers
  • Tail Lamp Flashers
  • 200W Siren w/ Dual Speakers (integrated to FastPlex touch-screen)
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Floor Console
  • Aluminum Powder Coated Overhead Console
  • Fully changeable rear cabinetry system




Interceptor Utility



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