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Fairfax, VA

Fairfax Marc Command

2020 Ford F-350 Custom built for Fairfax City Fire Department, in Virginia, this Ford F-350 features the following: Fabricated MARC body (Modular Aluminum Remountable Command) | Whelen lighting | Slide out SCBA storage panels | Custom midrow cabinet & center console | Custom overhead console with large FastPlex touchscreen | Rear command suite with adjustable shelving, flip up board, and…

Fairfax City F250 Fire Marshals Office (FMO)

2020 Ford F250 Fire Marshal’s Office Response Custom built for City of Fairfax in Virginia, this F250 features the following: Whelen LED Lighting Package | Custom Front Console w/ Havis Dock | Rear Commercial Grade Truck Cap | 100% Slide out Evidence Storage Cabinet | Progressive Dynamics Pure Sine Inverter |

Fairfax City Fire Marshal

2020 Ford F-150 Custom built for Fairfax City Fire Marshal, in Virginia, this Ford F-150 features the following: Custom half Center Console with FastPlex touchscreen | Cabinet with integrated tie downs |

City of Fairfax Fire Department

Pop command board, Side storage, Custom center console, MDC mount, Mobile radios, Midrow cabinet, FastPLEX technology for lighting and siren control.