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Arundel FastLane #90610

Whelen Lighting System, Custom Console, Map Storage, Custom Aluminum Bed Body, Custom Pump System w/ Kubota Portable Pump, HD Booster Reel, Buckstop Bumper, Ramsey Winch System, Western Contractor Grade Plow, Custom Welded Mount.

Philomont VFD Brush Unit

Philomont Wildland Brush Unit, F550 SD Custom Aluminum Body Hale HPX300 Stainless Pump All Braided Stainless Waterways Hale Foam Logix 2.1 System 300 Gallon UPF Tank w/ 10 Gal Foam Shared Fuel Source with Truck Tank Front Automatic Sweeps Door Mounted Hot Shot Nozzles 33″ Super Single Wheels & Tires