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A CAN BUS based electrical control system that features an HMI Touch Screen Color Display 4.3IN is a Mobile Data Terminal, Windows® CE™ 6.0 based with a 4.3’’ bright TFT LCD screen and featured with a touch screen. This Human to Machine Interface is an embedded open architecture platform designed for in-vehicle use. The FP3820 not only interfaces with J1939 and many standard communication systems but it also provides a platform for the new in-vehicle demand. The entire unit is designed for a real IP67 weather proof protection, which allows outdoor use.

The FP3820 runs on Windows CE™ platforms, a familiar operating system that enables us to integrate Windows CE™ compatible applications on the system. The system is composed of a 32-bit ARM processor running at 480 MHz, with 64 MB RAM and 128 MB NAND for Data memory.

The HMI display provides the following software programmable functions:

  • Full switch control over all lighting and added equipment*
  • System status, shoreline connection, voltage and fault error reporting
  • Built-in Fire Command and EMS timer function (no need for separate time manager clock)
  • Integrated siren controls
  • Full CAN-BUS integration to vehicle network
  • Optional upgrade to 7″ HMI touchscreen

In addition to the standard 4.3″ HMI (FP3820) each system is equipped with a FP2306 main I/O controller.

The FastPLEX-CAN BUS I/O CONTROLLER is an ultra-versatile module designed for automotive applications requiring management of different type of loads. It is compact and provide all control outputs in a single, small form factor and features:

  • Low consumption mode (Sleep Mode), wake-up by input or network
  • 2 CAN 2.0b port
  • 16 Inputs
  • 28 Outputs
  • 10 Bits analog to digital converter

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FP2820 FastPlex Controller

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