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IdleFlex™ Idle Reduction

Actively Manage Vehicle’s Idle Periods

Emergency Vehicles spend the majority of their life idling.  IdleFlex works alongside FastLane’s control system, FastPlex, to allow for secure idle mode on the scene of your operation without the need to constantly idle the unit for the duration of the incident.


Only idles the vehicle during reduced voltage events, eliminating the need to have the vehicle idle for the entire incident duration.

Green Compliant

Provides fleets the much desired “green compliance” on their vehicles without the need to replace the entire fleet.

Saves Fuel, Reduces Emissions

The IdleFlex can greatly reduce a feet’s fuel consumption and helps lower their overall carbon emissions footprint.

Take Control of your Fleet's Idle Time

Based on average fleet statistics with the IdleFlex equipped in five (5) vehicles, the system can save a department a significant amount of fuel, emissions and maintenance.